the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol abuse
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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Alcohol Use Disorder?

Generally known as alcoholism and alcohol abuse, alcohol use disorders are medical conditions that doctors can diagnose when a patient's drinking causes distress or harm. See if you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself. In the past year, have you....

Even One or Two Symptoms Can be a Reason for Concern.

It depends on the particular symptom(s) and the severity. The symptoms toward the top of the list tend to be early signs of potential trouble, whereas the ones further down the list indicate that you have moved further down a risky path.

You Can Do Something to Reduce Your Risks.

Some people with a few, mild symptoms can cut back effectively. For those with more severe symptoms, it's safest to quit. A health care professional can look at the number, pattern, and severity of your symptoms to help you decide the best course of action.

If You Are Concerned About Your Drinking and Have Thought About Cutting Back or Quitting Drinking,

You may be eligible to participate in one of our treatment research programs. Call us at 617.414.1990 to learn more.

Source: NIAAA (2009) Thinking About Drinking

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