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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What is EAP?

To help you and your family with a variety of personal and work-related concerns, difficulties, and problems you may experience, BMC offers all employees services under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You automatically are covered under the EAP on your date of hire. There is no enrollment process. You may use the EAP services regardless of the medical coverage option you select. The EAP is provided at no cost to you and your Eligible Dependents. This voluntary, professional, and confidential counseling service is designed to help you and your Eligible Dependents with a variety of concerns.

Contact EAP

BMC has arranged for these services to be provided by Value Options, an EAP provider that specializes in behavioral health care services. The EAP clinicians are available to assist you and your Eligible Dependents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Peter Manzo, an EAP counselor, is now on campus each Thursday from 9 am-1 pm in the Patient Advocacy Department located in the Yawkey Mezzanine. You can call 1.800.435.1986 to set up an appointment for an hour session, up to five sessions.

Toll free number: 1.800.435.1986

Online: https://www.achievesolutions.net/

Username: BMC
Password: EAP

Why Should I Call EAP?

When you or your eligible dependents need to talk with someone about a personal or work-related problem or concern, you may call the EAP confidentially and toll free at 1.800.435.1986 anytime, day or night. You will be answered by a clinician, who may help you by:

  • Responding to a mental health or substance abuse emergency
  • Evaluating your problem or concern
  • Providing telephone counseling
  • Referring you directly to an EAP clinician for a face-to-face visit
  • Locating, qualifying, and referring you to a local clinician

Is EAP Really Confidential?

YES! Any communication you may have during the EAP sessions remains between you and the EAP clinician, within the limits of the law. The EAP program is managed by Value Options, an independent organization staffed by clinicians who adhere to the strict confidentiality requirements of their profession. No information will be shared with anyone else, unless you give written permission to the clinician to do so. Your use of EAP Services is confidential, except in cases of mandatory referrals, or when the EAP clinician has reason to believe that an individual poses an imminent risk of serious harm to him/herself or others, or poses a threat to public safety. BMC supports the EAP policy of complete confidentiality.

Which Types of Concerns Can I Utilize EAP for?


Grief and Loss

Alcohol Abuse

Marital Loss

Substance Abuse

Parenting Concerns

Elder Care

Psychiatric Care



Career Concerns

Many More

Also, you have access to lawyers or mediators for a free telephonic or face-to-face consultation and if legal representation is needed, you will receive a 25% reduction in legal fees with a network attorney. Mediation is offered for one free 30 minute consultation and then reduced rates from $75.00- $150.00 an hour.

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What Happens When I Call?

You will hear that the telephone may be monitored for training purposes. If this concerns you, let us know and we will not monitor your call. You will be connected to a service representative who will take some demographic information, identify which services you would like to access and then forward you on to an EAP counselor or a financial and legal specialist depending on which type of service you request. There is no limit to the number of calls you can make.

What Information Will be Asked for and Why?

We ask for your social security number. Most people do not mind giving this information. If you do, let us know. We do not need to have it to help you and our main concern is to help you. Before you are transferred to a specialist, you will be asked to give your telephone number. We ask for this in case there is a disconnection. We also ask whether we can call home, work, or both places and at what hours. We are concerned about your confidentiality and will not leave messages without your consent.

What is a Face-to-face Visit with an EAP Clinician?

In addition to the toll-free telephone line, EAP also provides you and each of your eligible dependents  with the ability to have up to five face-to-face visits per calendar year, per each different presenting problem. This is available at no charge while you are employed at BMC. You can use these visits to begin treatment with a clinician in EAP's provider network and transition to a clinician under your medical coverage, if the clinician is not a member of the provider network under your medical coverage. In this case, your EAP clinician can assist you with the transfer. All EAP clinicians are professionally trained health providers, including clinically licensed or certified social workers, Ph.D. psychologists, or related Master's degree-level professionals.

How Many Times Can I See an EAP Counselor?

The EAP provides you and each of your Eligible Dependents with up to five in-person counseling sessions per each different presenting problem with an EAP clinician at no cost to you and your Eligible Dependents per calendar year. If additional counseling services are needed, the EAP will work with your medical provider to ensure you receive the care you need.

Is EAP Part of my Health Insurance?

No. EAP is a separate service that does not require health insurance to participate. However, an EAP counselor may recommend extended services beyond the scope of the EAP, at which time your EAP counselor would assist you in accessing your health insurance plan for further coverage. Any possible costs due to using your health care coverage will be discussed with you before a referral is made. If you do not have health insurance, you will be connected to available community resources for assistance.

Is EAP a Free Service?

Calls to the toll-free telephone line are free of charge to you and your Eligible Dependents while you are employed by BMC. There is no limit to the number calls you may make. Additionally, up to three face-to-face visits per calendar year, per each different presenting problem, with a clinician in Value Option's provider network are available to you and your dependents at no cost while you are employed at BMC. Once your EAP benefits are exhausted, Value Options may refer you to your medical coverage or to other professional services, if necessary. Continued treatment beyond the three face-to-face visits is your financial responsibility and may be coordinated with your medical coverage while you are employed by BMC to the extent possible.

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