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BMC Open Plan
BMC 403(b) Retirement Plan (2%)
BMC Retirement Pension Plan for Certain Employees (1%)
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BMC has several voluntary 403(b) defined contribution plans. The plans you may join depend on your status.

BMC Open Plan (PDF)

This 403(b) plan is open to everyone who receives a paycheck from BMC. This includes newly hired employees, house officers, students, temporary employees and per diem employees. (However, if you are a per diem employee, you may only sign up to contribute a percentage of your pay, not a fixed dollar amount due to the fluctuation of your pay.) There are no employer contributions to this plan.

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BMC 403(b) Retirement Plan (2%) (PDF)

Employees age 21 or older, who have completed 1000 hours within a year of service are eligible for this plan. In this plan you contribute 2% of your base pay. BMC's contribution is based on your years of service. You may not withdraw money from this plan until you terminate employment or turn age 70 1/2.

1 - 4 years = 3%

5 - 9 years = 5%

10 - 19 years = 7%

20 + years = 8%

If you have been a continuous participant in this plan from June 30, 1996, and are part of a collective bargaining unit, you are eligible for a grandfathered match on your gross pay. This match is based on a combination of years of service and age.

Less than 30 = 3%

30 - 49 = 6%

50 - 69 = 9%

70 + = 12%

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BMC Retirement Plan for Certain Employees (1%) (PDF)

This 403(b) plan  and the following BMC Pension Plan, are for former employees of the City of Boston's Department of Health and Hospitals who had a longevity date earlier than October 1, 1987 and participated in the State-Boston Retirement Plan on June 30, 1996. For this plan you must contribute 1% of your base pay in order to receive a 1.5% match. You may not withdraw money from this plan until you terminate employment or turn age 70 1/2.

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BMC Pension Plan (.doc)

This is a defined benefit plan with the same eligibility requirements as the BMC Retirement Plan for Certain Employees. There are no employee contributions required for this plan, as it is fully funded by BMC.

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How Does it Work?

You elect to set aside a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis. The money is then directed to the financial institution TIAA-CREF whereby you then choose your specific investments from the fund options.  It is invested in annuities and/ or mutual funds that you have selected. Changes to your investments can be made at any time by calling the institution directly at:
Call:  TIAA-CREF  800.842.2776

How Do I Join?

To join a plan you will need to decide three things, how much are you going to contribute, which financial institution you are going to use and which funds. Once you have decided, go to mybmc.org or call 1-800-410-6649 to enroll.

How Much Can I Contribute?

Your contribution to the BMC Retirement Plan is limited to 2% of your pay and the BMC Retirement Plan for Certain Employees is limited to 1% of your pay.

If you would like to contribute more, you may do so through the Open Plan. The IRS limits your total contribution to a fixed dollar amount, called a 402(g) limit. This amount can change year to year.


Regular Limit

Age 50 + Limit










Once enrolled, you may change or stop your contributions at any time by going to mybmc.org.

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