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CyberKnife System

For Medical Professionals

Benefits & Advantages

CyberKnife® improves patients' lives during and after treatment. The ability to receive pain-free, noninvasive treatment for aggressive and/or unresectable tumors means patients can resume their normal lives with renewed hope and vigor.

New Hope for More Patients — CyberKnife provides another option in the fight against cancer, enabling the treatment of tumors often considered "inoperable" with invasive surgery or not easily treatable with conventional radiation delivery techniques.

Pain-Free, Noninvasive Treatment — CyberKnife eliminates invasive surgery and frames, offering patients a pain-free treatment experience with minimal risk and few post-treatment complications.

Shorter Course of Treatment — Where conventional radiotherapy can require up to two months to complete, radiosurgery with the CyberKnife System is delivered in only one to five outpatient visits, allowing patients to quickly return to normal activities.

Hope for More Patients — CyberKnife provides another option in the fight against cancer.

Contact Us

Call: 800.841.4325
Email: cyberknifeinquiry@bmc.org

Treatment Location

Boston Medical Center
Radiation Oncology
Moakley Building
830 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

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Call: 800.841.4325

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