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HIV Prevention Programs

We offer two HIV prevention programs, WILLOW and Safety Counts.

WILLOW – Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women

WILLOW is a program for women that emphasizes gender pride, informs women how to identify and maintain supportive social networks, teaches coping strategies to reduce life stressors, enhances awareness of STD transmission and HIV infection risk behaviors, teaches communication skills for negotiating safer sex, reinforces proper and consistent condom use, distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and defines types of abusive relationships and their effect on a woman's ability to negotiate safer sex practices. WILLOW is also an evaluation in which participants are compensated if they participate in that aspect of the program.

Group Topics

  • Women Pride & Social Support
  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
  • Condom Use
  • Coping Skills

WILLOW is a commitment of four sessions. Call 617.414.4859 to see if you are eligible for WILLOW. (

Safety Counts – a Harm Reduction Program for High-risk Drug Users Which Focuses on HIV and Hepatitis Prevention

Phase One (4 week) includes

  • two group sessions
  • one social event
  • one individual counseling session
  • Needs to be completed within thirty days; if not, the client will be re-enrolled and have to start over

Phase Two (2-5 months) includes

  • second social event
  • two follow-up contacts
  • post risk reduction screening
  • graduation

Gift cards, food, and prizes are offered. To discuss Safety Counts eligibility, call the facilitator at 617.414.7088. All Safety Counts activities are held at Project TRUST, 721 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA, 02118.  (




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