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Boston Medical Center
72 E. Concord St., C-3
Boston, MA 02118


Thanh Nguyen, MD, FRCPC

Director, Interventional Neuroradiology & Neurology                  Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care                               Boston Medical Center
Associate Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Radiology Boston University School of Medicine

CV Highlights

CV Highlights

Medical School
McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2000)

Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham & Women´s Hospital, Boston, MA (2004)

Post Residency
Fellowship in Vascular Neurology and Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (2005)

Fellowship in Interventional Neuroradiology, Centre Hospitalier de I´Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada (2007)

Board Certification
Neurology, Vascular Neurology

Special Interests
Brain aneurysms and AVMs; Acute stroke intervention; Carotid stenting; Dural AV fistulas; Embolization of nose bleeds and head/neck tumors; Neurocritical care; Vasospasm; Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

Foreign Languages

French, Vietnamese

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Thanh Nguyen, MD, FRCP is the director of interventional neurology/neuroradiology at Boston Medical Center (BMC) and associate professor of neurology, radiology, and neurosurgery at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM).

After receiving her medical degree from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Canada, Dr. Nguyen performed her neurology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Following her fellowship in vascular neurology and neurocritical care at Massachusetts General Hospital, she completed a fellowship in interventional neuroradiology (INR) involving more than 1,000 INR procedures at Centre Hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal with the internationally renowned experts Jean Raymond and others. She has now been involved in a total of more than 2,000 INR procedures, including more than 400 brain aneurysm coilings.

Dr. Nguyen's clinical and research interests include acute intra-arterial therapies for stroke and evaluating outcome and complications of aneurysm coiling. Other clinical interests include neurocritical care, pre-operative embolization for head and neck tumors, carotid and intracranial artery stenosis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, spinal vascular interventions, traumatic carotid and vertebral dissection, vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for acute spinal fractures.

Dr. Nguyen has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and contributed to many book chapters including an INR atlas. She is a reviewer for the neuroendovascular section of 8 neuroscience journals and has made more than 70 presentations at scientific meetings on a national and international level. She was elected board member of the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) in 2008 and Research Chair of the SVIN in 2013.

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