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JAMA Viewpoint: Young African American Men Deserve Better Health Care
Healthcare spending is at an all-time high in the U.S., yet young African-American men see little benefit. The researchers note that black men have a life expectancy nearly five years less than white men.

BMC to Play Key Role in Back Pain Treatment Study
BMC researchers are part of a national clinical trial that will examine how best to treat acute low back pain and potentially prevent it from being chronic.

If your job is to take care of Boston, and your calling is to take care of your family, we’d like to recognize you in an upcoming video. Know your risk for type 2 diabetes. Take a test that may save your life!At BMC, children receive expert cardiac care in a family-centered environment.


Treating Pediatric Concussion at BMC

Today concussions are being taken more seriously than ever as greater awareness of their impact captivates media attention worldwide, sending afflicted young athletes and children with non-sports related head trauma to specialists for urgent treatment in higher volumes. Read more

BMC Cardiologist Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, Receives AHA’s Paul Dudley White Award

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently honored Dr. Benjamin its most prestigious tribute: the Paul Dudley White Award. She was recognized for her major contributions in the areas of atrial fibrillation, inflammation, vascular function and echocardiography. Read more

Think Before You Drink

“Small amounts of alcohol can impair driving and occupational performance,” said Jonathan Howland, PhD, MPH, MPA, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Injury Center Boston Medical Center. “And heavy drinking may affect neurocognitive performance the next day, even after all the alcohol has been metabolized.” Read more

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